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Author archives: MClaudio

  • Wedding in Apulia

  • In Conversano the love between Pasquale and Roberta is celebrated in the unique Apulian way… Children and elderly celebrating the arrival and the emotions of the bride, the spouses' glazes crossing each other; the scents of Apulian cooking and the dances, the songs... What's the best way to remember all of that? With a[...]
  • Scents and traditions from all over the world

  • Scents and traditions from all over the world, English, French and Americans, smiles, applauses and a lot of color and warmth for their wedding. This is the magic wanted for Ludovica and Harold's wedding, the combination between his beaming smile and her peaceful glaze tell us about their love
  • A marriage dreamed between Italy and Montenegro

  • A strengthening union between Italy and Montenegro, an emotional rollercoaster for this wedding so much dreamed, so strongly wanted, within the magic of a perfect location with an exceptional catering service. This is Flavia and Zeljko's wedding, for them I chose only smiles, fun and love.
  • A wedding between colors, flowers and flavors

  • Daniela and Fabio spouses in Monopoli, a wedding between colors, flowers and flavors without letdowns and with anything to worry about…. Because their freedom is for them the ability to choose the magic of a life filled with fun, passion and love. Their sparkling energy, in a traditional Apulian atmosphere, surrounde[...]
  • Spouses in ancient Rome

  • Daniele and Giulia: spouses in ancient Rome, within the magic of a Villa breathing history and tradition; all for them, that have chosen a way made of faith and respect in order to look at the future. United by the power of love