My professional life starts in Rome, as cameraman and video editor. I’ve always been curious, always seeking for new motivations and thus, in order to increase my skills as a video maker, I’ve started studying cinematography too. Learning that art brought me close to the world of photography, and I completely and deeply felt in love for it. I left Rome to return to my beloved Apulia, never leaving photography. In facts, I have made my passion my work, and now, between a video and a photo shoot, I am always behind my camera’s eye. The other thing I love doing is traveling. My operating base is in Apulia, but a photo shoot out of my region, is for me just a good excuse to pack my suitcase.


A wedding, a party, a product’s exhibition… As a professional photographer and video maker I offer lots of different types of photo and video shooting, from wedding photos and video, to event’s reportage and videos dedicated to companies. My photo studio, which is also my operational base, is located in Fasano (Brindisi) in Apulia and I work in the entire territory of Italy and abroad.
  • Photography
  • Videos for wedding and events
  • Photo shooting for wedding and events
  • Corporate pictures
  • Photographs for products catalogues
  • Corporate videos