Natural shoots and spontaneous poses for my spouses

Very often future brides ask my opinions on how their wedding photo shoot should be set up: posing photos or spontaneous photos? My opinion, and my usual answer is: what matters the most is that you and your groom feel comfortable, so that you both can show the best of you in the best possible way. That’s exactly what happens in the so called reportage style, which does not impose any kind of built photo nor any pose, letting you free to live your marriage enjoying every moment, every feeling with freedom and ease, without worrying for anything else. That’s when I came into the equation, following you behind the discreet eye of my camera, to capture the most exciting and expressive moments. My only rule is: never to be intrusive. The reportage style is the one I like the most and, thanks to my experience and passion, I’ve learned to understand when the right moment, that photo that I mustn’t lose is coming. In that moment I shoot, in my personal attempt to make the emotion enclosed in that moment eternal. This way, the reportage becomes a unique way to live the marriage. Usually, I like to meet couples before the day of the ceremony, in order to know them better. I try to understand their personalities, their taste and their personal needs, as a tailor does when is sewing a tailored dress, in order to create something unique and unrepeatable. Something that will make the spouses and all those who will share with them the pleasure of re-opening their wedding album.