Wedding pictures between flashes and flashbacks

Modernity and progress obviously go back to historical courses and recourses, flashes and returns to the past. I often find myself thinking that today there’s nothing much left to invent and that, maybe, taking back the roots of any kind of form of art or thinking, actualizing and transforming them through today’s knowledge and modernity’s awareness is one of the few ways left to be able to make innovations. It’s like that in my line of work, and it is like that in wedding’s world too. Those returns to the past are often seen in wedding dress styles (trust me, I have seen a lot of them), in the themes and colors of the outfits and they recently came back in photography and video making world. Just think at Instagram’s success, that app has become the most loved social network by photo enthusiast, allowing to share your photos in the well-known polaroid format. Its success comes directly from its retro style, which reminds old times photography. Speaking of that, if you would like to follow me on Instagram too, this is my account. This thoughts struck me hard, so I’ve decided to apply them to my line of work, offering to the spouses original shootings that complement my personal offer. If you read my biography, you already know that I’m always searching for new motivations. So, in order to make the wedding photo shoot more fun and original, I’ve created the so-called Wedding Polaroid, offering to the spouses the possibility to take instant pictures of the guests that can take away with and keep as a memory.